My name is Maisie. formerly known as "crazy maisie jane"

Adventure is the heart & sole of who I am. The couples I shoot know that. I want to give more than just beautiful photos but an experience. And that is why adventure elopements & intimate weddings is what I shoot the most. Your wedding photos is the only tangible memories that you keep after the day is over and the music has stopped. Thats why choosing a photographer that will give you amazing photos and an amazing experience is SO important. I want to get to know you and your story! I want to be able to create photos that represent your love. My style is very candid. You're going to run around and laugh A LOT. And if we need to wake up at 4am to catch the sunrise, LETS DO IT. If this sounds like you, please inquire on my "say hey" page, I seriously can't wait to get to know you!

You ready to party???

After the photoshoot, we're getting margs right??

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