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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

There is a little place way out yonder past the beaches & touristy spots. Past the county lines & beyonds where most san diegans call home. You never quite realize that we live in a desert until you're driving east on the 8. But thats also when you realize what an incredible place we live in. You can be on the coast and drive 45 minutes into complete calm & serene wilderness that is right in our backyard. This little place I'm referring to is called Mount Laguna and here is why you should elope here.

Its quiet & calm, unlike the rest of San Diego. The only thing you hear are gentle winds whispering thru the tall pines spreaded throughout the meadow. Mount laguna is also home to hosting PCT trail hikers on their journey. If you don't know what the PCT is, I suggest googling it. The trail and the people who do it is incredible.

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The lake you see here (little laguna) is only found after A TON of rain. This lake will probably dry up within the next few months.

I think my favorite thing about Mt Laguna is that it is so close to home yet when you're there, it feels like you're a worlds away. (that sounded really cheesy but its true!)

gucci, sign this man.

There are multiple campgrounds within Mount Laguna but my favorite is "Laguna Campground." Which is where we took these photos! If camping is not your ideal type of hotel, there is an actual motel & cabin rentals located in Mount Laguna. Which you can find them here -->

ferry lights is always a must

Some other notes about Mt Laguna to jot down:

-Driving up Sunrise Highway, you will lose phone connection.

-There are no gas stations on the mountain

-There is one restaurant, "Pine House"

-Mt Laguna Lodge has a small convenience store

-Drive a few miles past town along sunrise highway and you'll get this view! You can see the full valley of Anza Borrego & it really in incredible. (photo below)

Enough talk. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on instagram or by email :) Enjoy some more magic below <3

magic in the meadow

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