traveling wedding & elopement photographer for the crazy in love


im maisie

I like my road trips long and music loud. 

You can usually find me camping in the woods, on dogs beach or in my bed binge watching all 13 seasons of the real housewives of orange county. 

I'd like to consider myself a professional 3rd wheel. Shooting couples is my jam. Proposing to your girlfriend? I LOVE A GOOD SURPRISE. Count me in.  

My goal is not only to give you beautiful photos but an experience. I'm not the type to show up, take some photos and never talk again. The couples I shoot become my friends, it's never just a business transaction to me. To inquire, fill out my form on "say hey" page. I want to get to know you! How did y'all fall in love? Favorite snack of choice? In-n-out or 5 guys? (all the important questions) 

Maisie has delivered some of the most amazing photos we’ve ever had taken of our family and has captured some extremely sweet and special moments. 

My husband and I love having our photos taken and Maisie is one of our favorite photographers ever! 

We love the warmth she adds to her photos and she is a professional queen when it comes to making the sunlight look amazing! 

Maisie can make taking photos in the middle of a busy road feel normal, she tries her best to make things least awkward as possible, making most of the poses candid and full of fun and laughter.

We love Maisie and 15/10 recommend!

- yvanna & daniel luckett


over the mountains and through the woods